Register a POTHEAD
2010 is a big year!!! An election year!!! Everyone says that all the energy is on the TeaBagger/Republican side. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know. But don’t we have plenty of time to build our energy up so that we can match theirs. Liberals and Democrats often sit on the sidelines. Let’s not do it again! Let’s stand up.

As you may know there will be a ballot proposition on the November 2010 ballot to legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana for adults.

I read an article today about how 56% of Californians support legalizing Marijuana use. The article talks about how there is a big generational divide on the issue. It says three-quarters of adults under 35 support legalization and 54% of those over 65 oppose. It also says men support it more than women 65%-45%. Now here comes the part that concerns me, old women vote more than young men! This is an issue! This is where we step in. We want to do our part by helping register as many 35 yrs old and younger people as we possibly can.

That’s right; the REGISTER A POTHEAD campaign is on! Do you have a friend in California that falls in this category and isn’t registered to vote? If you do, please forward them this email. If you yourself fall in this category, then you register to vote!

Not all young people believe they can make a difference. A lot of them think that their vote doesn’t matter. 2010 is a great year to show them differently. If this passes, Liberals will have locked up a group of voters for the future that don’t normally show up. This is our chance to get them to come out! Spread the word! REGISTER A POTHEAD today!

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Other important links that will be helpful in REGISTERING YOUR POTHEAD in California. Spread the word:



Read the bill and get more information at and

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