FBI: B.I.G. Murder with Rare Ammunition


Rapper Christopher “ Notorious B.I.G” Wallace was killed by a very rare from of ammunition, in accord to new documents released by FBI.

The unveiling of new files, materials, and records are in response to the  Freedom of Information Act requests.  These documents allegedly state:

Los Angles Police Department both on and off duty, helped shooter escape, and had ties to gangs. LAPD also failed to follow up with witness and take proper statements.   

Gecko 9mm armor piercing ammunition where used to shoot and kill B.I.G, ammunition rarely found in the U.S.

Then the LAPD failed to further investigate after an anonymous caller tipped off Mob Piru Blood gang members, after the LAPD found 9mm guns and more Gecko 9 mm rounds.   


Check out documents here



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