Day 2 was an intense one for music executive Jimmy “Henchmen” Rosemond, who is on trial in Brooklyn Federal Court on charges that he sold millions of dollars worth of cocaine, laundered money, and tampered with witnesses. Yesterday evening, Rosemond, issued the following statement:

“This will be my biggest test to date. I will have to endure the constant lies of liars and the pointing of fingers of those trying to make me their ‘get out of jail free’ card. I am the perfect scape-goat for a case like this. I am the tailor made defendant in the eyes of the prosecutor. A year ago, i predicted this to you in my statement exactly how this would play out. But in all I want you to pay attention of how this unfolds, who the government witnesses are, their motive and the ambition of the prosecutors. They started a while back planting the seed that I am the evil of Hip-Hop, the cancer of the music industry. But what happen to Dexter Isaac and his fake Tupac allegations, why haven’t i been charge for that and where’s all the other things I’m constantly accused of. But no, those were ploys to turn an industry I served for over 20 years to turn its back on me. You will see the government informants march up on the stand and tell lies after lies and although i knew  a few of them most were hanger ons, wanna be’s and down right fakers wanting to be in the music industry. Truth will knock out the brains of false hood unequivocally. So I envoke my God and my lawyers to assist me in my quest for my honor, my dignity and my freedom. I retreat no more.”

Check back with for continuous updates on the trial.

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