Swizz Beatz continues to push his creative touch this time it’s directly involving music. Today it was announced that Imagem Music USA has signed a joint venture with Swizz Beatz and Monster Music.

The joint venture will include the signings of Tyrone Johnson and Naki “Snagz” Levy.

Swizz was quite happy with the move as he explains, “I’m excited to be partnering with Richard [Stumpf] and the entire group over at Imagem Music… This partnership will enable me to further develop my group of talented producers and also introduce many new producers and writers to the world.”

Monique Blake, President of Monster Music Group spoke on the deal as well stating, “Monster Music Publishing is one of the first ventures to come from the Monster Music Group umbrella, and we’re looking forward to much success with Imagem as our partner.”


  – Sean Lynch (@Kiddfuture)