Today's Math

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom. Simply put, Wisdom is Knowledge in action. By activating your Knowledge, your Wisdom proves that the Knowledge acquired is accurate. The wise words, ways, and actions that is proof of God’s existence in the three dense dimensions can only be manifested from a ‘wise dome’. Wisdom is the tangible principle that is necessary to Born thoughts into existence, which is why it is symbolic to the Woman, who is necessary to Born life into existence. Wisdom is the reflection of one’s Knowledge, therefore, you may not be able to read someone’s thoughts, you can see their thought pattern through their ways and actions.

On the second day of the year, we can see the reflection of this country’s troubled past in the events of today. From yesterday’s 150th Commemoration of the Emancipation Proclamation to the Congressional battle for America’s finances, these are merely long term effects of what was caused centuries ago during the country’s inception. Jet Magazine and Melissa Harris-Perry took a journalistic revolutionary chance with Jordan Davis, the unarmed teenager who was killed for playing music in his SUV, being on the cover of Jet for their first issue of the year. Is this a sign that mass media will no longer attempt to sugarcoat the unjustifiable murders of Black youth? Well, it’s a new year, so time will tell. Also, it is imperative that we support the freedom of expression from our youth, like Courtni Webb, who has been suspended and possibly expelled for her honest poem written in memory of the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Wisdom is the intelligent application of one’s Knowledge, which is manifested through wise words and actions. Looking at the Sandy Hook tragedy of yesterday, let’s hope that Congress makes a wise decision about gun control in our country today. Tomorrow will only be a reflection of our state of mind in this day and time. Remember, we all have control over our own rise or demise. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)