New York based accessories brand FLüD has partnered alongside celebrated pop culture artist Tristan Eaton and “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” for the amazing art gala at the annual music, film, art festival and interactive conference known as South by South West (SxSW) held in Austin, TX.


This past weekend, Eaton revealed an original customized 44’ x 12’ mural of “Shredder” from “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” sponsored by FLüD.  “Teaming up with “TMNT” has been unbelievable.  Leo, Ralph, Donny and Michelangelo were a huge influence on us as kids and paying homage to them via a project with one of the best pop culture artists in the world, is just icing on the cake” said Doug Cohen and Mel Peralta of FLüD.“Tristan Eaton’s style and artwork is internationally known and respected. These last 3 days of non-stop painting on this 44 foot mural for SxSW has been one of the craziest experiences in FLüD’s young history.  Austin has been incredible and we cannot wait to come back next year!”


This giant canvas and massive scale of art has become a childhood dream come to life.  “Being born in the late 70’s, I was lucky enough to enjoy the best cartoons of a generation. Unaware that those very cartoons would shape pop culture throughout my adulthood, I absorbed every minute of animation and every last drop of color and translated that inspiration into my own work. Years later, I have a style of my own but it’s much thanks to the cartoons of my childhood, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles included. Their comic books as well as the cartoons had a big influence on me, therefore it’s an honor to revisit the brand as an adult, and as an artist to reinterpret it through my eyes. Thank you FLUD and thank you TMNT!” says Tristan Eaton. 


The art gala was hosted by The HOPE Collective:( Helping Other People Everywhere), a group of creative individuals working within various companies around the US; primarily located in Austin, TX. The collective is a network of artists, creative visionaries, environmentalists and world changers; creators of the ReCREATION: ATX art event on a mission to impact the world through education, art and love.