Yesterday, the Hip-Hop community loss Chris “Mac Daddy” Kelly, one of the members of the legendary 90s rap duo Kris Kross. Alongside Mac Daddy was Kris Kross’ partner in rhyme Chris “Daddy Mac” Smith.

At the time, these two 13-year-olds came out with classic music that still lives on today.

“Jump” was released on February 6, 1992 as a single from their first studio album Totally Krossed Out. The track was the fastest selling single in fifteen years and stayed on top of the Billboard Hot 100 for eight weeks.

With all the success Kris Kross brought to Hip-Hop, it’s sad to see Chris Kelly go so soon. He was a true veteran.

So today, we dedicate Throwback Thursday’s Song of the day to the group’s legacy to celebrate the memories and childhood joys gave some of us growing up. Rest In Peace, Mac Daddy.

Marissa Carter

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