miguel lead

Miguel tweets about race and prejudice in a rather rare outspoken moment.

Rappers, singers, and celebrities in general are under a lot of pressure to use their platform for the greater good of the genre, and culture. When they veer off course, we have the tendency to be entertained, and use their mishaps as the engine that drives our news for the week, but not enough credit is given when a superstar uses his or her platform to do something productive, like raise awareness on a trending topic, much like DJ A-Trak did last week in his open letter about drugs. Today, Miguel took it upon himself to speak briefly on a subject that was clearly bothering him, as its bothered the entire nation for the past century.

Whenever anybody makes a generic statement about an entire race, controversy will ensue, so how much credibility do you think Miguel’s tweets carry? Regardless, it can only be a good thing that someone of his stature is supporting independent thinking.

-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)