Decatur MC Jarren Benton recently released his debut Funk Volume album, My Grnadma’s Basement. His presence in the Hip-Hop game goes as far as the come up days from fellow ATLien B.O.B. His fast flows and witty wordplay has gained him the attention of many Hip-Hop listeners and with his latest LP, he hopes to be a household name in the future.

We got a chance to chop it up with Jarren Benton, and discuss with him his new album, influences and much more.

What made you name the album My Grandma’s Basement?

I was struggling with a title for the album, so I made a list of possible names and My Grandma’s Basement was the one that I ended up chosen. The reason behind the name of the tittle is because I was full of emotions while I was living in my grandmothers’ basement.

Who were some of the people that reached out to you when you first started?

The first person that reached out to me even before I got in the industry was T-Low from Next. I was supposed to do work on their album but it never came out. But some of the other people that have reached out are Eddie F from Heavy D and The Boyz, Don Cannon, No I.D. and Eric Sermon.

How was it like to work with Eric Sermon?

Working with Eric was a dope experience. He’s such a humble person, and being around him I learned a lot, am such a big Redman fan, so that made the experience even better! Believe or not, The Funk Doc actually has a major influence on my music.

Besides Redman, who else influenced you?

I grew up on the music of Wu-Tang Clan, Eminem, Chino XL, Ras Kass, and OutKast for the most part. The reason why I loved hearing their music was because of the way they rhymed, the metaphors and punchlines that they would deliver were insane.

How do you feel about female rappers?

I think female rappers are dope, but I would never buy any of their albums [Laughs] I sure respect them though for what they do, it’s not easy to rap.

How does it feel to be around Hopsin, Dizzy, and SwizZz?

Before I signed with them, I got a chance to kick it with everybody and everyone was cool. No one has an ego, and we all got along with each other. They’re like my little brothers and we have a positive energy around each other all the time.

Since you’re currently on tour, if you had the chance to create a dream tour, who would you have and why?

I would have Danny Brown, Action Bronson, Rittz, my Funk Volume family, and my headliner would be Eminem. Am all about energy during my shows, so I know that line-up would put on a show with crazy energy.

How do you want to be remembered in Hip-Hop?

I hope that my impact on the industry makes the people have the same passion that I have for my music. I want to gain a lot of respect from my peers and my fans and become a household name, so that I could influence people.

Besides the Hip-Hop artist from your home state of Georgia, who are some of the other MC’s that you are listening to?

I listen to Action Bronson real heavy! Every project he’s put out so far is dope, he reminds me of the Wu-Tang Clan. I also listen to Danny Brown and Sean Price, and the entire TDE camp real heavy.

Matia Peebles @ms_hip_hop