Today’s Mathematics Is Wisdom Cipher all being Born to Wisdom

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Wisdom Cipher all being Born to Wisdom. The active factor of any given person, place, or thing is the Wisdom of that Cipher. It is the kinetic principle, which simply means the point where one starts to make things happen. Through the Wisdom is how you see the Truth about a Cipher, meaning Wisdom is the aspect that is seen and heard by all.

When a person tells the Truth about something or someone that wasn’t intended to be revealed, no matter how right or real what they said may have been, the Truth teller becomes the immediate target in the cross hairs. Then, the objective is to discredit the revealer with a character assassination before the actual assassination takes place. That scenario was seen to the T with ex-Marine Christopher Dorner and his revelations about the LAPD and now Christopher Snowden, who revealed top secret surveillance plans of the National Security Agency, is now public enemy #1. With the countdown on his visa ticking away in Hong Kong, Snowden is predictably frantic in looking for somewhere to hide from the U.S. government. When that type of Truth is told, preparation to leave this plane of existence is practically mandatory. A woman was stabbed to death Tuesday night near the Hollywood Walk Of Fame by a group of homeless men after she and a male friend took pictures of the transients. People who are in a compromising point in their lives do not want that embarrassing moment to be memorialized by anyone else other than them, unless you got a dollar. Christine Calderon’s life was taken for a single dollar because she revealed not only the reality of those individuals, but the Truth that even in one of America’s most celebrated tourist attractions, the almighty dollar still trumps life. On that note, The Source would like to send our condolences out to the Dreams & Nightmares family in Philly, as it has been reported that one of Mill’s artists, Lil Snupe, was shot and killed last night. It’s sad that his talent never had the chance to flourish because his life was cut short and the mentality that this is accepted as normalcy has to cease. 

Wisdom Cipher simply means to carry out your prescribed duty to show and prove that the Knowledge that you activate is accurate and useful in any Cipher. The Wisdom of the Cipher is the activating principle that keeps one in the game rather than just remaining a spectator on the sidelines. Peace to all!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)