Today's Math

Today’s Mathematics is Understanding

Peace! Today’s Mathematics is Understanding. The clear, concise picture that we draw up in our own minds from the Knowledge one acquires and the way that is applied in practical situations is Understanding. It is imperative that people see with insight rather than eyesight because one’s physical eyes can be deceived without a proper Understanding of self and one’s immediate circumference. Knowledge and Understanding are considered one and the same and only differ in their degrees of development, just a father and son are one and the same, who only distinguishing factor is age and physical development. Understanding is the best part because it allows one to see things for what they are, not for what they appear to be.

Understanding allows one to see where they stand in any given situation and the direction that they must go from that point on. Steve Parsons, who was going to court for sodomizing a 14 year old girl, swallowed a cyanide pill in the courtroom after he was pronounced guilty of the crime. The worst crime you could sit in prison for is something involving the welfare of children and Parsons did not want to go through another day of what he knew he would’ve had to endure for another decade, which was daily beatdowns. The historic city of Cairo, Egypt is in total anarchy today, with the Egyptian army on the verge of taking control over the country from its democratically elected President Mohamed Morsi. With people already dying and getting critically wounded before the takeover has even taken place, it’s clear that this will open the door for foreign forces aka the United States, to have to intervene on “moral” grounds. In the eighth day of the George Zimmerman trial, Zimmerman’s school records will be entered as evidence and shown to the jury that he did indeed have extensive knowledge of the Stand Your Ground law. His entire case is based around this law and will grant anyone the right to provoke fights and use deadly force to end this. Just Know and Understand that these laws won’t work in the hood. Ask Marissa Alexander.

Understanding is symbolic to the Black child because they represent the future of the Black family, just as a clear mental picture is a vision of direction in future endeavors. Supreme Mathematics Is the key to Understanding the universe, however, before one can get a comprehension of the Sun, Moon, and Stars,  one has to get a clear comprehension of self. Peace!

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)