Download the debut project from Tokyo Green

Last month Tokyo Green dropped their debut track ‘Weed Sport’ and now they bring their debut project titled Tokyo Green Suite. If you aren’t familiar with the trio it consists of San Diego’s Abjo (production) and Bam Circa 86′ alongside New York’s G.R.A.M.Z. Focusing on the vibes of the music Tokyo Green deliver 11 brand spanking new tracks for you. Hit the link below to download.

Download: Tokyo Green – Tokyo Green Suite

1.) Suite One
2.) Morning Haze Ft. Real J. Wallace
3.) Weed Sport/Suite 2
4.) Just Might Do It/Suite Three
5.) I Don’t Know Why Ft. Piff PCH
6.) PrplTokyo
7.) Gone Too Far/Suite Four
8.) GetLiveWiddIt Ft. Scienze
9.) Cinco De Mayo Ft. Doccy Boy & WKNDRS
10.) SOUFCARISING (Bonus Track)

– John McAuliffe (@John_Mac310)