Metta World Peace has changed his name once again.

Though his name will still be legally Metta World Peace, he will no longer go by that name anymore, but rather something else.

After being amnestied by the Los Angeles Lakers, the New York Knicks signed him to a two year deal.

Formerly as Ron Artest, the Queensbridge native is happy to be home and wants to start anew, hence the name change.

The changing of names is nothing new in the industry, especially hip-hop. Jay Z recently dropped the hyphen from his name and has been addressed by several monikers (i.e Jigga, HOV); Diddy has been addressed as Puff, Puff Daddy; Young Jeezy abandoned the Young from his name; Bow Wow dropped the Lil’ from his name.

Watch below where World Peace explains his name change.

-Chika Dunu