Lights, camera, action

No one can forget LeShaun, the sexy voice that can be heard on LL Cool J‘s hit record, “Doin It.”   Since moving on from music, this Brooklyn beauty who currently resides in Florida has started a career in photography.

Her Source got a chance to catch up with LeShaun to talk about her new career, LL Cool J, female rappers and also, for those inspiring towards a career in the industry, she even shares some advice.

-Matia Peebles (@ms_hip_hop)

What made you start your career as photographer?

When I was younger, I used to carry around my camera. I always liked to take pictures of everything that I did. D-Nice is the one person that I know that inspired me to do photography. We worked together in the past on music and I hope that we can work together again in the future with photography.

Do you still associate with LL Cool J?

I still talk to LL to this day despite what we went through with the video situation. The press made it seems as if I hated him but it’s nothing but love. His wife Simone and I are good friends. We keep in contact and kick it from time to time. I owed my career to not only LL but Shakim Compere and Chris Lighty (RIP) because he’s the one person that believed in me and put me on “Doin It.”

What do you think about female rappers today?

I barely can answer that question because I haven’t heard any new talent on the radio, but the only female rapper that I know right now is Nicki Minaj. She’s the only rapper with hit songs on the radio and collaborating with other artists. I am cool with MC Lyte and one of the female rappers that are out right now that I love is Eve and Trina.

Which rappers are you feeling today?

Some of the rappers that I am feeling today are Macklemore, J. Cole, Nicki,  Jay  Z of course because he’s from my hometown, and many more. I am feeling Justin Timberlake  and Ciara too even though they’re R&B. I re-did J.Cole’s song “In The Morning.”

What advice would you give to those that want to pursue a career either in photography or music?

The advice that I would give is: keep believing in yourself and keep yourself going despite having people tell you “no.”

What are some of your upcoming projects?

I don’t have anything going on in music, but I have a book coming out soon with poetry.  I got my start in writing by reading Chelsea Handler’s book. I was also writing throughout my whole life starting from my poetry and raps.

Would you ever do reality tv?

I’m a big fan of ‘Love & Hip Hop’ & ‘Basketball Wives.’ I would do it for my photography career and I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

LeShaun can be reached on social media at her website www.courtulookin.com, her Instagram is courtulookin, and her facebook is courtulookin images.