I don’t think Trinidad James sits on Apple’s board of members but the technology giant has developed a device to add to his all gold repertoire, the next generation iPhone.

A series of rumors have leaked over the months about some of the changes consumers can expect in the next Apple release. Some of the most popular rumors are a new plastic body budget iPhone model, which would also be released in various colors, adding to the traditional black and white models. Sources have finally silenced the rumor mill regarding new color options of the iPhone.AllThingsD received information from inside sources that the next generation iPhone will be released in a gold tone. According to the source, the new phone will be an “elegant” gold tone, “think champagne, not ingot.”

Apple is expected to reveal the new device currently dubbed the iPhone 5S during its event on September 10. The aforementioned budget model is currently known as the iPhone 5C. Besides the new devices Apple will probably drop release information on the new mobile O/S iOS 7.

Written by Dru Ashe (@ShottaDru)