The Source was able to have a short conversation with Connecticut emcee, Chris Webby. During our dialogue, we learned a lot about the young “Bars on Me” rapper’s long term aspirations. While he has received his fair share of criticism—the fact that he is from a middle class background has rubbed some authenticity seeking critics’ feathers the wrong way—somehow he manages to continually brush off the naysayers and stays positive about what the future has in store for him.

Webby’s optimism isn’t foolish intuition. He has steadily built up his fan base over the past five years with a steady stream of critically acclaimed projects. His work ethic is beyond admirable, especially when you view his deep catalog. “It’s about releasing a large quantity of quality music in a small amount of time”, Webby said about his methodology. His new record deal with Entertainment One Music indicates that he is on the right track.

His recent transition from up-and-coming independent rapper to burgeoning signee was not an easy task. Webby had deliberated whether or not to take that plunge, which took some time.

“I was holding out [because] I see myself as an artist and I didn’t want to make that move, my fans didn’t want to see that move. Working with a label can sometimes take away from being really creative control and freedom. E1 promised me that they would provide me with major label money without the hassle, which was what I was looking for.”

“I’m getting more experimental with my music,” he utters those famous last words that sealed the coffins of too many artists’ careers. Even though he is signed, he assured me that fans should not fear for a decline in his music. Rather, thanks to his tone of voice and enthusiasm, it became clear  that his supporters should feel excited about what the young rapper has planned for the future.

“When I was growing up, I was coming up in the battling community. Everything was really punchline driven, and you could hear it in my early music. I’m learning to step away from some of the punchlines—there will always be a clever line here or there, just not relying on them. I’m now concerned about going from a rapper to an artist though, from making tracks to making records.”

How does he plan on doing this, well it’s actually quite a simple solution: “I’m having fun making music, you know.”

Look out for his upcoming release, HomeGrown, due out on October 29. “I want to make something that you want to hear when you are baked. Something cool, you know.” Looking at Webby’s track record, he has a good chance of pulling that off.

Jimi (@Nativejimi)