After what seemed to be a never ending hiatus, Aaron McGruder’s “The Boondocks” returns at the top of the New Year. Yes, Huey, Riley, Uncle Ruckus, and the gang are all back to save us with their witty satirical interpretation of our happenings. After gaining much success after the first three seasons, it is no surprise that season 4 is highly demanded. After much anticipation Adult Swim finally responded with this answer.

Now we will get to see what spins Aaron McGruder and his writers will put on the current events of today.
We can only hope that their is some type of parody of The BET Hip Hop Awards, Thugnificent wearing dresses,
or Riley being cast in some type of Love & Hip Hop esque reality show. Can’t wait to hear what they
have to say about twerking, molly, and the government shutdown.