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It just gets weirder and weirder.

Well, weird is relative. We’re talking about the woman who wore a dress made out of raw meat to a nationally televised award show, so eccentric might be the better word choice.

Still, Gaga’s new single cover features a scorpion sitting comfortably on the center of her face, and her left nipple (not pictured, but it can be pictured by clicking here) bared for the world to see. The song is called “Venus”, and will reportedly be released this coming Monday on iTunes. It was expected to be the second single but popular demand forced the R. Kelly-assisted “Do What U Want” to be released prior to “Venus”. We’re also nearing the release date for Gaga’s upcoming album, ARTPOP, which is set to hit stores on-time on November 11th.

Anticipate away, Gaga fans.

-Khari Nixon (@KingVanGogh)

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