nas1God’s Son Lends His Voice To The Legend Of Record Breaking Racer 

Nas has been using his voice to tell classic stories for over 2o years. The legendary Queensbridge rapper keeps that tradition alive in latest Hennessey “Wild Rabbit” ad spot by narrating the story of late speed racer Malcolm Campbell. The classic cognac has used Nas, boxer Manny Pacquiao and artist Os Gemos, among others, throughout the “Wild Rabbit” campaign as symbols of excellence in their respective crafts.

Although Campbell has been dead for over half a century, Nas breathes new life into the epic conquests of the speedman. Campbell was the first ever to break the 300mph speed barrier and by career’s end had broken over 9 world records on land and sea. Nas even got to check out a hybrid Malcolm Campbell “Blue Bird” while in Miami for Columbus Day weekend. Peep the commercial below and check the pics of Nas and the classic ride below.


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