Top 10 Most Confusing Moments on last night’s episode 5 of ‘The Walking Dead’!

Last night, hip hop’s favorite zombie show left us dazed and confused. From Herschel’s death wish to Carl and Rick taking out a swarm of walkers, some things just didn’t add up in the after world. Here’s the top moments that left us wondering.

1. Herschel continues to play doctor and hands out tea to every sick person in the cell block. How does Herschel continue to inhale the germs of the infected but doesn’t catch the disease himself?

2. Rick returns to the prison greeted by Maggie who asks, “What happened to Carol?” Rick breaks the news to Maggie about Carol’s actions and Maggie responds that he did the right thing. I thought Carol was a mother figure to the group? How could they exile her into the zombie ridden streets?

3. Caleb tries to warn Herschel to lock everyone in their cell blocks and continues to cough blood on Herschel. After demanding to see Caleb’s face, it is revealed he is now bleeding from his eyes. Does Herschel intend on saving the entire sick community without any health risks?

4. Where on earth is Daryl with those supplies?

5. Herschel insists on hiding the dead bodies from the rest of the group to protect their momentum. Did he forget that these people fought off flesh eating zombies to make it thus far?

6. Herschel shares intimate moments with Glenn and Sasha before things go from bad to worse. People began to die in the cell block and zombies began attacking the group. Did Herschel forget what happens to the dead people here?

7. What we have been anticipating each week finally happens and the walkers push the gates in and storm the prison. But here’s the most outrageous moment. How did Carl and Rick take out hundreds of walkers??

8. As Glenn is near death choking on his own blood, Maggie holds his head and tells them that everything is going to be OK. Not to sure about that Maggie.

9. Daryl returns to prison in search of his M.I.L.F. and is told to talk to Rick about it. Will Daryl go out on the hunt for Carol?

10. Why did we have to wait 5 whole episodes to get a glimpse of the Governor?


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