the 17th - Pic premieres Local-Mu-12 MC The 17th’s latest video release

Groton, Connecticut is not the most common of places where you might expect to find a rapper, let alone a very good one. Andrew Johnson, better known by his stage name, The 17th is that anomaly you never saw coming. The 17th was a second away from signing to Mobb Deeps Infamous Records but a new born son prevented that from happening. He put down the mic and chose to be a full time father instead. Fast forward 10 years and he is back on the mic, this time with something to prove.

A member of the Local-Mu12 crew, The 17th released his 1st project over a decade ago and you would never know he took a break after listening to it. Free Music, the EP he released early this year has already been downloaded over 24,000 times, was given Vevo page and is fresh off of an A3C performance in Atlanta. Today, he debuts the latest video for the much talked about single “Rubbish” Ft. Spoke In Wordz & Fokis”. Nevertheless, this video is very entertaining to say the least. Check it out and enjoy.

-Sha Be Allah(@KingPenStatus)