ann dAnn Demeulemeester, a forerunner of the now-universal minimalist trend, announced today that she is walking away from her renowned fashion brand. Demeulemeester broke the news with a hand-written message, which was then passed along via email to major news outlets.

“I always followed my own path. A new time is coming, both for my personal life and the brand ‘Ann Demeulemeester’,” the designer wrote.

Starting in Antwerp in the 1980s, Ann Demeulemeester has since gone on to create a huge international following.

Her celebrity fans include Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, Usher, and even A$AP Rocky, who dropped Demeulemeester’s name in “Fashion Killa”.

It is assumed that management of the company will now go to Ann Demeulemeester’s second-in-command, Anne Chapelle, who has been with the company since the 90s.

-Eileen B. Dorsey