Sometimes when you listen to your favorite rapper on the radio or your music streaming service of choice, you rap along but you don’t really picture yourself on stage with the rapper. After all, rappers have cut themselves out to be deities that are larger than life and Hip-Hop. But not Chicago’s ShowYouSuck. The One Man Pizza Party will have you shouting “Mom jeans!” not just when he comes on your iPod but quite possibly on stage with him at his next show. Yes, he’s that type of rapper. He just dropped his official debut project on Closed Sessions (mad props to those guys) today and we had the opportunity to get some tips on what makes him so cool.

Be sure to buy the project HERE. Hit the jump for a stream of the EP.

So dude, why Dude Bro for the name of this EP, bro?

Pretty much, I made a collection of songs and once they were done I kind of stepped back and realized they all kind of embodied the spirit of a really cool dude, but a dude that’s cool because he’s a regular dude not a dude who has a bunch of money or special powers. He’s just an everyday regular dude bro…so I named it Dude Bro.

Did you win Makeout King in your senior year year book?

No, not at all. I didn’t do a lot of making out in High school. I was a battle rapper that listened to punk music and was a gamer. But I wasn’t a lame. I was cool as sh*t. I hung out with everyone and I actually got Nicest Person in my senior year book. But don’t get it twisted. I still punch someone in the face if I needed to…or felt like it.

Fair enough. It seems like you really make music for yourself and then the people rock with it. Do you see yourself as the rapper for the everyday man?

Yeah, I guess I do. 50% of the time I’m re-making a song that I loved growing up and it just so happens to be a rap song and the other half of the time I’m just making a song based on an idea that I never heard talked about in rap before. So kinda of like how Rick Ross associates himself with expensive sh*t, I want people to associate me with things they encounter on a regular basis.

How do you fit into the Mt. Olympus of Rap Gods, now that we have Eminem, Yeezus, and you?

No I’m not a Rap God. I’m a Rad God. I’m a God of all things cool and awesome. They are just Gods of rhyming words and record sales. I win.

Based on the production for this EP, you have a lot of different styles. Who are some artists you listen to on your iPod some people would never guess?

showyousuck-The Waka Flocka/French Montana Twin Towers Mixtape
-Toro Y Moi
-Unknown Mortal Orchestra
-Violent Femmes
-Dam Funk
-Hall & Oates
If you had to be reborn in a different year or era, which one would it be?

Not sure I feel like I was born at the perfect time. I know what it was like to live without the internet but I’m not too old to where I don’t know how to work a touch screen phone. And this is the only era that has Netflix so every other era is stupid. I choose my era (No New Era).

Almighty Rad God, what are three tips to stressed out rappers to keep it all wavy everything?

Eat less gluten. Be respectful to everyone and only make what YOU want to make. Even if it sounds stupid, the fact that YOU wanted to make it means everything.

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)