Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 11.05.48 AMXavier Dotson better known as Zaytoven is a well-known producer in the hip-hop community. Most notably known for his work with Gucci Mane, he has built a solid reputation as a hit maker and originator of the trap sound. Since his introduction the game, he has worked with many huge artists like Soulja Boy, Yo Gotti, Rocko, Nicki Minaj,  just to name a few. His new film Birds Of A Feather gives you a glimpse of his road in the music industry.

-Lulaine C.

What is Birds of a Feather about?  

The film is really about an out of town producer coming to Atlanta who is tied to his cousin and street guys. It’s an educational film about artists and producers in the game.

How does it feel to do your first film?  

It feels real good. It’s new but exciting. I been getting a lot of love. I think it’s bootlegged all over Atlanta. It’s a real good feeling.

How did you get into music?  

I got into music by the church. My dad was a preacher and my mom was the choir director. I was on the drums and keyboard.

Describe Gucci and your relationship.

I think it’s a natural chemistry that we have. As soon as we are around each other, we have a vibrant chemistry whenever we work.

What type of equipment do you use for producing?   

MPC 2500, Keyboards, Yamaha, Motif, Rolling Phantom, Access Virus T.I., MPC Renaissance. I use Korg when I am on the road.

Where are you from?  

I am from all over. My dad was in the army in Germany. I spent a majority of my time in the Bay Area. After high school I came to Atlanta.

How would you describe your sound?  

My sound is bright, music, hard and bumping.  I use drums and 808s to make the beat hit hard and bright instruments to balance out the music.

Are there any producers you looked up to?

DJ Quik, I like the way he made music. He is one of the guys I looked up to.

The trap sound is so huge. How do you feel about that and it being used so frequently in hip hop?  

It’s amazing that something I did 10 years ago is relevant now. The trap sound is so dominant, it feels good.

Your track record is so huge and you have produced for some of the biggest artists in the industry. Was that by design or something that happened?  

I think it just happened a lot of times. Working with a lot of people you become a workaholic. It just happened that way.

Are you signed to any label, production company or do you have your own label or company?

I am not signed. I been doing my own thing building relationships.

What is the next step for Zaytoven?

I am going to continue doing what I’m doing. Expand my brand and keep that music coming. I have a book coming soon. The purpose of the book is show producers how to move without management. It’s a manual to independent producers. Everything I did was organic. I want to encourage people to download it so they can create and make a lane for themselves.

Do you have any words for any up and coming producers?  

I always say find an artist and create a sound with that artist you believe in. That’s the way I got in the game. I put a lot of time and effort into Gucci so when he blew up I blew up at the same time.

Do you have any words for your fans?

I appreciate them rocking with me and continuing to rock with me. I will continue to work hard.