Here is a new heater from E-40 ft Rick Ross and French Montana called “Champagne”. 40 sure knows how to use his features properly; I mean is there a better duo to rap about the sparkling cider then Mr. Belaire Rose himself and French- my middle name is bottle pop- Montana.

Today E-40-aka Charlie Hustle-aka I could write a book with all of his aka’s releases not 1, but 3 full length albums. The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil vol. 4-6. The amount of material and longevity that 40 has displayed is already the stuff of legend, but releasing three albums in one day, the guy has seriously outdone himself.

The albums are full of collaborations, from high profile guests like T.I. & Chris Brown to up and comers like Ty Dolla Sign & J. Stalin.

Spencer @Sjeezs