Tara1Her Source had a chance to chat with the star of the VH1 hit reality show “Love & Hip Hop,” Ms. Tara Wallace on her relationship with Peter Gunz, her experience on “Love & Hip Hop,” and her feelings towards cast member Amina Buddafly.

1.What made you join the cast of “Love & Hip Hop”?

Tara Wallace: I originally joined the cast with Peter and he came to me with the idea to get on the show. At the time, I wanted to support Peter and was doing it for fun, but I didn’t think that it would as big as it is now with us on there.

2. How did you enjoy your experience on the show?

TW: You know my life played out, but it definitely had its ups and downs. I didn’t expect the experience to be the way that it is, but I don’t regret doing the show.

3.Which cast member are you closest to?

TW: Besides Yandy, I am close to K. Michelle, but she stay busy with her music and stuff. I speak to Yandy a lot

4. How did it feel to watch yourself on TV?

TW: I was very honest to the production team and Mona about what I wanted to follow as far as my life goes. I think that I didn’t cringe when I was watching myself. Overall, I wasn’t too mad about my portrayal on TV.

5. When did you meet Peter?

TW: I met Peter, while I was working at Sam Ash (that is a music store), back in January 2001 and I didn’t know that Peter was a rapper at the time. Later on that day, I bought the album of Peter’s and he ended up signing it for me.

6. How did it feel to find out about Peter and Amina’s marriage on TV?

TW: When I found out about the marriage, I honestly didn’t know that they were married until Amina showed me her ID with her relationship status on it. I definitely would not have messed around with him and it was a crazy moment for me that was shown on TV. You have some people that understand it and you have some people that don’t.

7. How are your feelings about their marriage now that it aired out?

TW: It is what it is. It has not been an easy role to accept that. My reaction on the marriage was like how did this happen? and where did it come from? I have to take into consideration that they didn’t get married on the show, they have been together for a while.

8. What are your feelings towards Amina now?

TW: I really don’t have any ill feelings towards Amina. It is what it is between me and her. I’m not angry with him. At the end of the day, people have to take into consideration that my life is watched for an hour on Mondays and that it is hurtful to find out that the person that you love, that you have two kids by, is with somebody else.

9. How often do you hear people compare you to Mimi from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta”?

TW: I hear that often but I’m not here to judge another woman in a situation like mine people say that because of how the situation looks, but we are not the same.

10. Are you in pursuit of acting?

TW: I am definitely in the pursuit of acting. I am finishing up with a master’s in acting and just recently auditioned for an off Broadway play that is coming soon. Acting has always been my love and receiving this opportunity will help me jump start my career as I separate from being on reality TV to becoming a full fledge actress.

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-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)