My Name Is My Name
Pusha T
G.O.O.D. Music/Def Jam

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To be named number one in a year like 2013 should mean volumes to an artist as meticulous and obsessive as Pusha T, but he’s been declaring this would be the outcome for the better part of the year so, in his mind, this is probably just confirmation. We didn’t play into the Virginia native’s boasts however (if that’s what you’re thinking), this is just one of those rare occurrences where the one walking around claiming to be the best actually is, in this case. The other 24 LPs were good, most of them were great, but none of them hit the nail on the head like Pusha did. My Name Is My Name sounds like the best parts of all three Clipse albums, cut down layer by layer to showcase only the elements Pusha himself would thrive in. Then, throw in the latest production ideas supplied by Kanye West and Mr. Thornton’s ability to play nearly any role—his street/d-boy love narrative on “Let Me Love You” was enhanced by a wickedly accurate Mase impression; the introspective, socially conscious voice of the young people on “Hold On”; resurgent drug-dealer extraordinaire on “Nosetalgia”—your argument as to why this isn’t number one better be good.

Top Tracks: “S.N.I.T.C.H.,” Numbers On The Board,” “Nosetalgia,” “King Push”