smokedzaFighting the same battle as Ye, but don’t worry. We got the answer, Sway!

This track has entendre to the highest degree written all over it. First, the Kushed God got multi-award winning poet, J. Ivy to spit knowledge on the freedom, enslavement, and economic advancement of the Black man. Second, this loosie marks the announcement that his next album, Dream.ZONE.Achieve will be released independently on April 1st. Third, it’s a call to arms for artists to invest in themselves and see their profits noticeably increase. And fourth, throughout the 183rd produced toast, there are enough double meanings to write your parents about from poetry school this summer.

Publishing, merchandise, show money-all of it goes straight to Smoke’s pockets now. Maybe it all came to him in a dream in Denmark, after a sold out show. Maybe it came from the recognition of Dom Kennedy’s career path. Wherever it came from, Smoke DZA is about to make that independent money. And if our current Man of the Year has anything to say about that, it’s that it’s that extra comfy paper.

You can read his long letter to his fans that he released Tweet by Tweet after the jump.

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Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)