Kendrick Dom Kennedy & Skeme put on one hell of a show with a surprise appearance from people champ Kendrick Lamar, brought to you by The Source Magazine.  

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With the crowd eating out his hand Dom gave the PACKED Irving Plaza crowd exactly what it wanted. Then to close things off he looked to the side of the stage, back to the crowd and said “oh, my homie came through”.

Next, something truly special happened; the hardest working man in show business, Kendrick Lamar – who had just made a surprise appearance at J.Coles’ MSG show barely an hour earlier  – appeared to an eruption from fans.

After Kendrick performed “Backseat Freestyle” he took a few seconds to acknowledge how proud he was of both longtime California homies Skeme & Dom Kennedy, and that years earlier Dom had brought him a bottle of champagne at The Key Club and what else could he do, but return the favor.
Maybe he just wanted to have his own Grammy Celebration, either way it was a  pretty special moment. Stay tuned for a full writeup and much more from this epic show as well as lots of other great content from this Super Bowl Week.
-Spencer Stein