Gotta craft ’em all.


There was a point during the childhood of many 90’s babies in which Pokémon consumed every facet of their life. The trading cards were the currency that funded a playground-based bartering system and the hunt for the famed Charizard card kept the micro-economy thriving. The GameBoy video games presented a gilded mission, the noble challenge of catching all 150 of the little monsters, which they accepted with conviction. And the television show — the lifeblood of the entire Pokémon culture — fueled their incessant pursuit to become a “Pokémon Master”.  It was truly a marvelous time.

Now with the angst of student loans dwindling above their heads and the uncertainty of the job market, the only thing most 20-something’s want to “catch” now is a break. However, artist Jacob Carter has brought back the blissful nostalgia of Pokémon with astounding, true-to-the-canon artwork made almost entirely of leaves and stones.

Using the natural materials and a bit of pen work, Carter meticulously crafted the likeness of several well-known and lesser-known Pokémon. Posting his stunningly detailed work to Reddit and Instagram, he’s garnered a lot of attention and requests for many of the now 719 monsters to get his leaf and stone treatment — a challenge that the 90’s baby in all of us hopes he takes on. Check out Carter’s amazing artwork below.

– Khari Clarke (@KINGCLARKEIII)