MiguelMiguel and girlfriend Nazanin Mandi have definitely been a popular topic. They are one of the couples that are attracting attention this year simply because of their beauty and love. The couple caught major publicity on New Years as they were caught embracing each other in a Vegas night club (Tao). They truly make a beautiful and simple couple. With the release of his single “Simple Things”, Miguel seems to be trying to tell a story of their love. The song premiered on HBO’s show Girls.

In the chorus Miguel utters : “She said, ‘I just want someone true.’ She said, ‘I just want someone to smoke with me, baby.’ ” Sounds like a pretty chill life they share together.

Miguel goes on to also say “Lay with me, babe. Laugh with me, babe. I just want the simple things.” These simple things that are often taken for granted make them happy and is now inspiring his music. We look forward to hearing more from Miguel and his inspiration.