Kevin Hart Retiring From Comedy To Be A 3-Time MVP

let me explain, Kevin Hart, NBA, All-Star Weekend,seriously funny

Kevin Hart, Seriously Funny, NBA, Comedy

“The Announcement”

Before you get all up in arms over the headline, its all a joke. Kevin Hart the new face of comedy will not be retiring from his comedic ways anytime soon.

Instead, he will be focusing on being the first celebrity in the 10 year tradition of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game to be a 3-time MVP. Kicking off on Feb. 14, 7 p.m (ET), Kevin Hart along with other celebrities will go head to head on the hardwood.  You think he has what it takes? Check out his hilarious press conference announcement below:

-Andrew Somuah(@Drewtheabstract)

"You Can Do It Too"- Pharrell Williams told me that

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