John ElwayWhen it comes to Johnny Manziel its best to tread lightly if the topic of height comes up but it looks like general manager John Elway didn’t get the memo.

During a post combine interview, Elway gave an interesting description of Manziel saying, “I think he’s a great little player.”

Oops! After the media got their laugh, Elway backtracked his statement.

“I don’t say ‘little,’ I shouldn’t say that,” Elway said.

Once Elway got that cleared up, he talked about Texas A&M, the Broncos and spoke highly of Manziel’s skills.

“He’s a guy that he’s fun to watch on film,” Elway said. “He’s a great competitor, and I think that’s what his strength is, the fact he’s a great, great competitor. At that position, you have to have that. That’s what makes him tick. Obviously he has tremendous talent, he can move around and still make all the throws. But I think his No. 1 quality is his competitive nature.”

Elway also gave props to another shorty, Russell Wilson.

“He’s got everything except he’s not 6-3, but he’s got everything else,” Elway said.

-Erika Benton-Martin (@leftcoast_rika)