The Top 10 Best And Worst Rap Songs By Athletes


Rapping athletes, Good, Bad, Rap, NBA, Sports “Sports and music are so synonymous”

In Drake’s song “Thank Me Now” there was a line that went a little something like this: ” I swear sports and music are so synonymous, cause we want to be them and they want to be us”.

With that simple line, Drake painted a picture so vivid of  the sports world.  Athletes have dreams of being  rap stars. Athletes today want to flex their mic skills and although some of them may have a little talent, many others crash and burn(i.e Tony Parker & Mr. T).

That said, the slideshow below will show some of the best and worst athletes to grace a microphone.

-Andrew Somuah(@Drewtheabstract)

Andrew Somuah

Hailing from the DMV, Andrew is a writer who's covered everything from NBA training camps to all things hip-hop culture. When he's not writing on everything hip-hop and hoops, he's usually practicing his stand-up. Follow him at @AndrewSomuah

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