Asher-Roth-Tangerine-300x300‘Tangerine Girl’ is a treat from Asher Roth’s Retro Hash

Asher Roth is breaking all kinds of barriers with his forthcoming album Retro Hash. Never one to deliver typical rap record, Asher Roth is set on continuing to push the envelope with his music. ‘Tangerine Girl’ is the perfect example of this as it starts off sounding more like a whole musical band is playing throughout the song rather than just Asher Roth manipulating his vocals on some dope production. Asher Roth drops off a perfect preview of what to expect from his album and I’m pretty excited to see what the whole project will sound like once complete. Check out ‘Tangerine Girl’ and see if you’re just as excited for the release of Retro Hash as I am.

DodgerOnDeck (@DodgerOnDeck)