RIP Benny
The Haves And The Have Nots-The Source

Last week on the hit show, The Haves and Have Nots, London and Jeffery have their first lunch date after meeting with his mother. Maggie preps for Jim’s big press conference but she asks David and Jim about Candace and they decided to keep her mum until after the press conference. Benny still continues to be on life support and Hanna is still not giving up. Hanna arrives to court late to hear the verdict for her case against Tony and it turns out not to be good that resulted in Tony winning the case against Hanna.

This week, Hanna has not been receiving good news and continues where it left off last week as Hanna was begging Tony to see Benny before he dies. Just as she got there, Benny was gone. When Candace left the hospital, she told Jeffery that she only feels one type of emotion, which is anger because she never got the chance to say goodbye. David, Maggie and Jim went to march for Lizzie and they discovered that Wyatt’s face is on the the t-shirt for the march.

Kathryn still keeps calling Hanna but there was no answer. Jeffery is heavily concerned for Amanda and tells Kathryn about her getting a gun so she could kill the family but she insisted that it was a joke. Jeffery went to see Wyatt and told him that his mother got the car that killed Lizzie and also told him about what they discussed at lunch. Wyatt tells him that it wasn’t his fault. Jeffery tells Wyatt to kiss him but he didn’t kiss him that made Jeffery play a prank by telling him you know what it’s like to be used.

When Jeffery is at the house with Amanda and Candace, he tells them that he is moving out, which excites Amanda. But Candace is not stupid, Jeffery doesn’t tell her the real reason why he is moving out. After Hanna left the hospital detective Bryon came to her house & comforted her. She finally tells him who killed Benny. Veronica went to a prison to visit someone close to Candace and that person is the father of her son. She insisted that he could get his revenge on her by getting released from prison earlier than expected. As Hanna and Byron are talking in her kitchen, she received a knock on her door and it is the police with a warrant for her arrest. They are trying to figure out why Hanna is getting arrested but the police doesn’t tell her.

Tune in next week for the epic season finale!

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)