The beauty in today’s times lies in technology. Even if you couldn’t stand the Selfie Olympics and #FreeBoosie, you have to admit that it shrinks the world down to the size of your pocket. Today, even though it’s not Thanksgiving, I am thankful for Youtube. For today, I discovered NYC’s hidden treasure, Too Many Zooz. The three piece band is composed of Matt Doe, Leo P, and Dave “King Of Sludge” Parks. They only need a trumpet, a drum, a bari sax, and a few seconds of your time to prove that they’re not your ordinary street act.

Questlove knows what’s up. And it’s about time you do, too. Rappers, I’m specifically calling this band to your attention because half of your career is performing live. That half should be spent on stage with fellow musicians just as passionate about getting the people moving and grooving as you. Rappers, and singers too, don’t just stop with a DJ when you go on tour. Get a band like this these guys. I mean, did you hear that cover of “Get Busy,” above?

Catch the live session below of them at the Union Square station. It may be the most entertaining thing you watch for a while.

Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)