1544314_643731082330400_1397175222_nMuch is still unknown about the plane missing from Malaysia. We do know that the plane disappeared less than an hour into their flight, early March 8th. Fear of a possible hijacking became apparent when investigators uncovered that two passengers boarded the plane using fake passports. Still not many updates worthy of celebrating have been uncovered but here is what is new:

-26 nations are now working together to locate the plane, searching an area said to be as big as the landmass of Australia.

-The homes of both pilots have been searched and are for now are showing no signs of foul play on their parts.

– Rockstar Courtney Love believes she has found the plane “a mile away…where they “last” tracked it”. She used satellite images somehow to show a possible oil slick and plane beneath the sea, that for some may be barely recognizable.

Have you developed any interesting theories? If so comment below and let us know!

lauren poe (@lo4o4_)