The Walking Dead did not disappoint in its second to last episode of the season. From tunnels of walkers to poor Peter Cottontail—Here’s the ‘s top eye-watering moments!

1. Tara opens up to Eugene that she’s devoted to Glenn because of something she did. Eugene reckons she’s in love with Glenn. Don’t we just love love in the apocalypse?

2. Glenn discovers Maggie’s Terminus sign that reads “Glenn Go To Terminus Maggie Sasha Bob.” Glenn sees it and immediately runs down the tracks leaving Tara and the group behind. Go Glenn, find your unofficial wife!

3. Carl, Michonne and Rick continue down the tracks while Carl and Michonne place a bet over a candy bar. Rick smiles at thew two as they continue down the railroad. Looks like Rick may have found a new love.

4. Glenn and his group head down the tracks and stumble upon a tunnel full of trapped walkers. The group decides its too risky to continue and Glenn and Tara decide to keep going. Look at love, Tara risking her life to find the woman of the man she loves!

5. Daryl continues to rift with Len from his new group and it comes to an end when Len tries to frame Daryl with a stolen half of a rabbit. After Joe discovers that Len is lying, he has the group ‘teach him a lesson’ for lying on good boy Daryl. Good prevails again, yay for Daryl!

6. Tara and Glenn fight a group of walkers off until Tara gets stuck in the rumble. She insists Glenn continue to find Maggie and leave her to die but good ole Glenn decides to empty his clip and stay with Tara. Is Glenn thinking of a poly amorous relationship?

7. As Glenn runs out of bullets, a car enters the tunnel and a group of people shoot all the walkers saving Tara and Glenn’s life. Once the smoke is cleared, Glenn discovers the face of his unofficial wife. They embrace in a hug and everyone sighs in relief. Glenn is smiling again!

8. Glenn and Maggie promise to never part again and burn the one and only picture that Glenn has of Maggie. They kiss and happiness ensues.

9. The groups combine and Joe’s group and Maggie’s group decide to head for ‘Terminus’. Unity in the apocalypse. Let’s all unite!

10. The group finally arrive at Terminus and a lovely lady named Mary introduces herself while roasting meat. The eerily welcoming woman tells the group to relax and who knows what will happen next.

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