Her Source got an opportunity to sit down with the beautiful, Tahiry Jose, as she talks about her calendar, her success on Love & Hip Hop and find out who’s her Man Crush Monday
Tahiry-The Source

What made you put out your own calendar?

Tahiry Jose: I put out my first calendar back in 2011 and it was shoot in St. Lucia, then I had another come out back in 2012. This year it took me a little longer because of my busy schedule. Doing calendars are a whole lot of fun.

How has being on Love & Hip Hop elevated your success so far?

T.J.: Being on Love & Hip Hop has done wonders for me. I triggered my success to the show shout out to VH1 and Mona Scott Young. It’s major that I am on the show, where my story is relatable and that it grew my fan base. There would be times that I couldn’t walk out of a store without being recognized. It helped me and my family a lot.

What do you think of video vixens today compared to 10 years ago?

T.J.: Back then it was something to be proud of and you were making a lot of money. Today is not a big deal and it’s not respected. A lot of young girls would ask me about how to have a career like mine. There is no money in it and social media has taken over. When I first started out, I was paid a lot of money and I even had my own dressing room. Today it’s no point of being a video vixen.

Since you have your club, Suite 135 & calendar, would you ever consider writing a book?

T.J.: I would never write a tell-all. I’m not about bashing or slandering people and revealing who I dated in the past. But probably in five I would write a book but not a tell all.

Who do you consider your Man Crush Monday?

T.J.: Awww man, there are so many. I would say it’s between Omari Hardwick and Derron Williams from Brooklyn Nets. But most likely Derron, he’s just so fine.

Is there a season five of Love & Hip Hop in the works?

T.J.: Well right now, there hasn’t been talks about it. After every season, the cast takes a break and we go back to the office and we discuss what’s going on the season. We haven’t start filming yet but you never know.

You could follow the NY native on Twitter and Instagram at @therealtahiry and you could purchase her Intimacy calendar here.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)