Apparently there’s a fast food war going down over breakfast menus. McDonald’s latest war tactic? Free Coffee! The mega fast food chain announced friday that beginning Monday of this upcoming week, they will be offering a free cup of coffee NATIONWIDE!

Leaving it up to each location to decide whether to offer free refills or one cup, this plan is sure to ruffle feathers over at competitor Taco Bell. This week the tex-mex staple rolled out their first ever major additions to their menu with the breakfast items we announced last month.

A couple of Taco Bell’s new items includes a waffle taco full of eggs and hashbrowns and a breakfast burrito. The chain hopes to reinvent the way fast food breakfast is seen and they are obviously making their mark.

McDonald’s is now working on extending their breakfast hours, developing new products and surprising their twitter followers with special prizes all year long. To begin the gift giving, customers will receive free coffee for two weeks straight.

This war is just getting started! Let us know if you will be partaking in the breakfast war and whose side you’re on!


lauren poe (@lo4o4_)