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In honor of our newly released issue #262, The Source Magazine salutes women who work in the industry and are key movers and shakers who continue to offer greatness through their talents. Today we salute one of the amazing women featured on our list–Seville Michelle, liaison in business, a facilitator of fresh ideas and an artist whose authenticity and creativity can not be duplicated.

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Seville Michelle is a talented artist that has created accessories worn by Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, Nicole Kidman, Mary J Blige, Beyonce, Prince, Swizz Beatz, Lauryn Hill, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler. Seville Michelle is a master connector that keeps a low profile on her abilities to “make things happen” and is very discreet about her strong bonds and relationships.

Of Greek and Cuban descent, Seville Michelle was raised in Queens, NY and is a true native with a deep affinity to the ‘hood’. Influenced by her years attending Long Island City High School in the 90’s, the school was known for fights and its close proximity to the notorious Queens Bridge housing projects. She learned to hold her own in her tough environment. Years later, she traveled the world to over 35 countries, many times venturing off alone through Spain, Paris, Dublin and Belgium to name a few. Her most memorable trip was going off into the Egyptian desert with her sister and hanging with the bedouins that she says ‘changed her life’. “My appreciation for the underprivileged in this world directly impacts me as a designer and connector and inspires me to do something that represents overcoming. I took the doorknocker earring, a hood classic and made it chic by wrapping it in Italian leather. Roxanne Shante and Monie Love both co-signed. The crossover into selling at Nordstrom and seeing them on Nicole Kidman and Meredith Weaver as she accepted her Emmy for best supporting actress made me think, the hood’s coming up, baby! I focus on connecting unlikely pairs in business and people trust me. I like to keep things street-chic.”

Her fun-filled life adventures include throwing parties with the Global Executive Director of Chanel, planning private dinners for Grammy-nominated artist Elle Varner, she spoke at Mike Tyson’s wedding, threw a Queens house party that was attended by the VP of Shady Records, VP’s from Viacom, the president of Bliss Spa and the legendary photographer, Ricky Powell captured pictures of the industry influentials and longtime friends of various trades she calls “streetmasters”. She even once dreamed that Oprah Winfrey whispered in her ear some inaudible words and took to Twitter to let Oprah know, asking her to please do it again to which Oprah herself replied “kk. :)”

Her line of amazing accessories can be purchased at the Patricia Field store in New York City or by visiting her website at

You can keep up with her low-key adventures around the country by following her on and

Check out this video featuring Seville’s awesome accessories!

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