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Source Sports was present.

The Source‘s sports correspondent, Brandon Robinson, was present at the landmark press conference that went down yesterday, as Adam Silver banned Donald Sterling, owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, from the NBA for life for his racist remarks. Not all the questions and comments were acknowledged and televised, but when the commissioner selected Robinson to present his question, he asked the commissioner about the future of the Clippers where advertising is concerned.

Considering all of the Clippers major advertisers ended ties with the team as of yesterday, Brandon’s question was both pertinent and relevant. Despite being banned from participating in all NBA action and activity, Donald Sterling is still the owner of the team, and as long as his name is associated with the Los Angeles Clippers, it will become increasingly difficult for that organization to convince any prospective investors to advertise or collaborate with them. Adam Silver, in turn, understands the difficult road that lays ahead for both the Clippers and his office, but he’s remaining optimistic throughout the process.

You can watch the full interaction between Robinson and Silver below.