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Murs and ¡MAYDAY! have just released new visuals for the lead single off their upcoming collaborative project, The MursDay! LP, available now for pre-order and set to release 6/10. Directed by Mike Marasco, the music video for Tabletops takes us back to early Def Jam days and re-creates the classic Sabotage video from the Beastie Boys.

Fun videos like this are the ones that connect with fans the most. It’s also why StrangeMusic fans are some of the most dedicated and loyal, because the artists have fun. Not only are Murs and ¡MAYDAY! members of a rare breed of emcees that actually drop knowledge and educate in their music, but they’re also real people who love what they do and have a good time demonstrating it.

Orange jumpsuits and all, Murs and ¡MAYDAY! did this one justice. Sabotage is irrefutably one of the greatest Hip Hop videos of all time so the solace paid to it here with such a great song in it’s place is a beautiful thing. Enjoy.

Matt Whitlock – @mattwhitlockPM