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10052544Never leave your phone with your girl…

Dr. Dre is Hip-Hop’s first billionaire. Yes, you read that correctly. Although it’s unclear, yet probable, whether Apple is buying Beats by Dre, the West Coast legend has another thing to brag about if he ever steps to the mic again. What does that mean? Detox is definitely not coming out. Ever. Why would it? He has enough money to be happy for 10 people and not enough time to spend it all. At this point, he can’t hear everyone on social media whining about the album because he has too many hundred dollar bills in his ears. I’m just curious as to what frivolous things he’ll buy now. The Clippers franchise? NASA? Monster audio?

You know the drill. Send the best of the best to

*Mick Jenkins – “Who Else” (Prod. TJ Osinulu)

Every release this Chicago emcee puts out just solidifies our continuous support. Bars you can feel in your bones. Off of The Water(s) which drops June 24th.

*Stealth is Metal (feat. Miloh Smith) – “With Love Comes Rain”

While the Georgia emcee gets ready for his If I Don’t Believe Then Who Will!? project, let this new single wash over your mental.

*Derek Wise – “AWKWARD”

The Toronto emcee finally returns with a dark single off of his upcoming Mom’s Basement project. This one is awkwardly good.

*Mr. Muthaf*ckin eXquire – “Whirlwind Pyramid Freestyle”

For some reason most of eXquire’s releases go under the radar. Let’s put an end to that. The NYC emcee consistently tells stories through his rhymes that deserve to be heard.

*Leikeli47 – “F*ck the Summer Up”

The self produced single from the rambunctious New York emcee will have you prone to defy higher authorities and causing mass havoc this summer.

*Breezy Bread (feat. Pyro) – “Ghost”

One of the funnier hooks I’ve heard in a while when it comes to one night stands. More fast flows from the Bronx emcee on his upcoming project.

$ulaiman (feat. RetcH) – “New B*tches” (Prod. Thelonious Martin)

Hard bars for a hard beat. This is an unreleased joint from the Treated Crew emcee and producer Thelonious’s Righteous and Ratchet EP.

*A.K. – “Chiraq (Chicago Remix)”

Yes, another Treated Crew emcee makes his way into #NSBAT. But this time it’s to address the ongoing trend of calling Chicago by the term that does more harm than good-Chiraq. It’s annoying when a million rappers freestyle over the same beat but I’m okay with emcees making as many songs to squash the term Chiraq as there are perpetuating it. #OneChicago

Mr. Flash (feat. Cities Aviv, Action Bronson, Oh No) – “Number 1″

The Ed Banger producer recruits some of Hip-Hop’s independent artists to show you why they deserve a shot at the top. “Number 1″ will be on Mr. Flash’s Sonic Crusader LP (6/2).

*Drew Godson – “Board. The. Mothership.” (Prod. Pat Streater)

The Brooklyn emcee continues his abstract rap style on his new single off the upcoming The God Spell EP.

*JSWISS (feat. Karen Bernod & Dasan Ahanu) – “Karma” (Prod. Daniel Crawford)

I don’t believe in karma, but the New York emcee makes a good case with his personal stories. His ALLCAPSNOSPACES EP is set for this summer.


Julian Malone – “Bully”

The ever elusive Chicago emcee is back with another single off of his upcoming DIFFRNT project. All of the whack emcees should just hand over their lunch money now.



Bryan Hahn (@notupstate)


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