Her Source got the chance to dish the dirt with our favorite Love & Hip Hop Star Erica Mena 
Erica Mena-The Source

We had the opportunity to sit down with the beautiful and oh so gorgeous Erica Mena as she dished the dirt on the new season of “Love & Hip Hop,” her clothing line HER, and her take on the Nikko and Mimi sex tape.

Check out the interview:

Congratulations on your clothing line, HER. What was the inspiration behind the line?

Erica Mena: Thank you! It was a lot of things that came into play with HER. I’ve always wanted to do a line, when it comes to doing something as big as this everything has to be right – the timing, the direction you want to go, the name, and what exactly you’re designing for the stores. I think what tied me to do this was the relationship with Cyn and more women and the feeling of being a woman. The clothing line is really about the ultimate woman. It doesn’t matter if you’re blonde, you’re Black, you’re Spanish, or you’re into girls that’s the overall inspiration of HER. I love it and it’s going to be big.

How has being on Love & Hip Hop elevated your career so far?

E.M.: I think it’s really not just Love & Hip Hop itself. It’s about growth. I came a long way. If my introduction to Love & Hip Hop had not been the way that it was I think people wouldn’t have gotten the chance to taken the time to know me. Love & Hip Hop was able to tell my story no matter if I was going through the worst of things in my personal relationship or someone taking something away from me that I worked hard for. I get to tell my story and that’s where Love and Hip Hop helped . A lot of people of Love & Hip Hop don’t take advantage of the opportunity  it’s not about the show but about work.

What is your take on the Mimi & Nikko sex tape?

E.M.: You know, to each his own. I really can’t give an opinion on it  because one that I definitely preach is that she’s with the one she loves and doing what you want to do whether it’s right or wrong.  I’m not the one to say but when there’s a child involved that’s where things are complicated. But I have a child too, that didn’t stop doing what I wanted to in life. I feel like for whatever reason, she been happier than ever but the only thing you could do is wish her well.

Congratulations on your music career, what is the direction of the new music?

E.M.: Thank you! A lot of stuff are going down even as we speak. That makes me even more excited about it. I am getting ready for the EP that would be out very soon. I can’t give too many details about that. I’m more focused than ever. You guys are going to hear how I feel instead of someone trying to be my manager. You’re going to see growth and that people are going to be connected to the music.

What can you tell us about the new season of “Love & Hip Hop”? and when does it premiere?

E.M.: We’re filming right now and people expecting Erica to be Erica but this time around I’m playing chess not checkers. Except some of the cast members you would never see together come together.

Besides the show & music, are you in the process of writing a new book?

E.M.: I want to write another book I think that there are things that haven’t been clarified yet. That is not the main focus right now. I still write a lot that could be turned into a book but I haven’t been focused on it. I want my first book to be a mini movie – that’s definitely been in the works and that would be the next step for me to with my book.

You can follow this New York diva on social media on both Twitter and Instagram at @iamerica_Mena and you can purchase her clothing line HER right here.

-Matia (@ms_hip_hop)