You may familiarize Rich Dollaz from the well-known reality TV show Love And Hip Hop: New York, or you may just know him from his background and what his accomplishments in the music industry. Mr. Dollaz career began when he became affiliated with Bad Boy records.He contributed to managing musicians with great hits like Cassie, Yung Joc, and Gorillla Zoe.After crafting his talent and doing his share at Bad Boy Records, Rich Dollaz  then appeared on the VH1 reality show where he let the cameras get an insight on his life. At his recent modeling casting call, we got a chance to ask him a couple questions. It was admiring that he admitted he was a guy that is trying to clean up his past; it highlighted a sense of self-respect. Action speaks louder than words, with that being said. In his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee Rich founded an organization that helps battered women and children named Miracles House Of Restoration also don’t forget to look out for his upcoming books that he is expected to publish. Take a minute to read a little bit more about Mr.Dollaz himself below.

– Asada Nicome ( @Sadablu )



Why are you holding this modeling casting today, what is it about?


Today is a big deal for me, I’m having a model search for my liquor 79 gold, it’s a new spirit that I put on the market and I’m doing a casting today for a 18 month calendar as well as looking for a face for the campaign and I’m also looking for a variety of women to do the casting with and that’s what we’re here for.


Can you tell me more about the liquor?


It’s an Idaho wheat spirit; it’s vodka, its called 79 gold. It’s actually doing really well; we’ve actually gotten an A- on a couple of different reviews. So I’m really excited about it, I own it and it’s been about three months now since I bought into this. I’m also the face of the liquor so I’m doing a lot of marketing and promotion for it.  Obviously my background in bad boy and Ciroc and being able to be apart of the puffy brands, I feel like it was time for me to step out on my own and start to utilize my assets and my situations to be able to market and produce my own product as oppose to going through some one else, and that’s kind of where I am right now.



I’m interested in the book; would you mind touching on that a little bit more?


The book is about how to succeed in the industry today. As people know the industry changed around 05 and 06. Social media took over, Facebook, Goggle, and MySpace at the time. Those are the things that kind of changed the climate, people broke themselves, and the labels stopped spending a lot of money. Now they kind of let you go out and create your own persona and be yourself. You make a name for yourself and then come back and talk to the label. If people are interested in you, then so are they. If not, well then that pretty much sucks for you.  We are in 2014 with instagram, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube all that kind of stuff and artist utilize these social media websites to try and get their career started. The book is set out to tell people how to capitalize what I call: the new world order.



Should fans expect you to appear on the next season of love and hip-hop?


Well, love and hip-hop is back. Season 5, I’m excited it’s a big deal for me. Last couple of years has been messy for me, so I think its time to clean up my act a little bit and show the world the business man as opposed to the boyfriend and the messiness and the arguing and all that kind of bull stuff. I got a book coming out, I got the liquor, and I got the modeling agency. Obviously Yandy and me have the record label. I have the Dollaz Unlimited management company. So I’m excited about a lot of things that were doing and I think that with things considered, you know this will be my break out season in terms of business ventures as oppose to just turn up. I understand that turn up is necessary for relevance because if you don’t turn up your not relevant but at the same time I want the world to see another part of me.


You are currently working with Yandy with the record label, who are some of the artist that you guys are working with?


Me and Yandy have Lenox Avenue records together, so I’m looking forward to breaking in and cultivating new artist. Im currently working with some people that you may have heard of before, So im excited about that. But Yandy is my sister and you know welcome home Mendeecees,that ’s my brother. I think its going to be a dope season as far as we are concerned because the dynamic and work ethic is there and I think this is going to be cool.



Are you still engaged to Erica Mena?

I don’t really talk to Erica any more. I haven’t really talked to Erica in some months; I’m trying to keep it like that.  I’m working; I’m keeping myself busy with what I’m doing. I got a new girl; I’m excited about bringing her on and showing the world a new dynamic. That’s kind of where I’m at right now.  I’m in a good place, I’m happy, I’m doing my business my personal life is clean an its not as messy as its been in the past and I feel young and rejuvenated. I’m just ready to work and get it popppin.