Texas on the Track: Que P’s “We Still On”

Que P, Still On, Dallas

Que P, Still On, Dallas

Dallas rapper Que P releases his debut single from his EP Money.Power.Loyalty., scheduled for release this summer.

The song describes the constant hunger of both Que P and the city of Dallas to compete in hip hop’s national market, as his Rich Mind Records imprint, founded by label head and streetwear entrepreneur Turo, has continued to find success in Texas and the surrounding areas, with a string of hits over the past five years and their Triple D clothing brand.

When asked about the record Que P had this to say:  “The biggest part of being on is staying on, and I think that this record is going to bring some new life back to the city of Dallas with the #NewDallas movement.”

“Basically Young Star (Marvel HItz) is my main producer; he did records for 2 Chainz, Kid Ink, Meek Mill, Lil Wayne & Baby.  We wanted to make a big record for the city with a sound that can compete with all the top artists.  That’s why we made it ‘we’ because we wanted to make a record the city could respect and that could gain nationwide appreciation,” Que P explained.

Take a listen below.

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