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Ever so often the vintage style is something we all want, but with a mixture of now. This time around we went on a hunt for some unique bags and we definitely found them. Comes With Baggage entertains our idea of simplicity and vintage but with a dose of some of the current quotes that we sometimes found ourselves saying. Think your Grandmother’s favorite bag but with your quotes. That is exactly what it is. We couldn’t just pick one of these beauties, after all they are one of a kind!

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Each vintage bag is re-made in New York and silk screened by hand with various quotes, such as the infamous What are you bitches lookin’ at? Our favorite by far is the, Ask, Believe, Receive edition. The handbags retail for $288 and you can cop them here.

-Tatiana Johnson (@TatianaTot)

comes with baggage, fashion, streestyle, her source vices, interior of comes with baggage,