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I’m not judging, but I’m pretty sure the guy who bought this billboard space could have done better things with that money.  Just saying.

Apparently the Society for the Prevention of Celebrity Divorce is a real life thing.  Don’t worry, we didn’t know either.

The founder, J. Robert Butler, was upset over his own daughter’s divorce and decided to blame–who else?–but celebrities.  He believes that high profile divorces enable everyday people to end their marriages more easily, which is why he decided to rent billboard space to send a message to Hollywood stars:  Stop getting divorced, dammit!

He has several different billboards–one is an obvious jab at Kim Kardashian (who just recently remarried, as the whole world knows; no billboard necessary there), while another targets Gwyneth Paltrow and soon to be ex hubby Chris Martin of Coldplay; other billboards seem to target reality stars.  If Gwyneth complains about people’s mean tweets, I wonder how she feels about a billboard dedicated to her divorce?

He hasn’t singled out any rappers yet, but that’s probably because most rappers have baby mamas and not wives.  I haven’t done any research on the divorce rates of rappers, but it goes without saying that you’d have to be married first before you can get a divorce.  But who knows?  Maybe now that Ye and Jay have taken their vows, it’ll catch on…if J. Robert Butler’s theory is right.

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